Non-Discrimination Enrollment

Saint Wenceslaus School will not discriminate against students on the basis of race, ethnic background, religion or gender. Since we are religiously-oriented for the Catholic community, we give preference to members of other denominations after our own community is served.

Admissions Requirements

For the admission of a Pre-K, Kindergarten student or any transfer student, the parents must provide:

  1.  A state birth certificate with a raised seal. St. Wenceslaus School complies with State Law requiring that a state birth certificate must be  on file for every student entering school. The original should be brought to the office. After a copy is made and filed, the original will be  returned to you.
  2.  An up-to-date health record.
  3.  An up-to-date immunization record.
  4.  Sacramental records-parents/guardians are required to submit a baptismal certificate.
  5.  For students transferring into St. Wenceslaus, please provide a copy of records from the previous school attended.

This information is kept in the child’s confidential permanent record. Notify the school of any additions and/or corrections so that the records are always current and complete.

Health and Vision Requirements

Physical exams and vision evaluation, completed no sooner than 6 months prior to the start of school, are required for all those entering kindergarten, seventh grade and for any students from out of state-regardless of the grade.

An immunization record from the physician’s office must include the month and year of each immunization or completion of the immunization section of the physical examination card signed by the doctor is required as proof of immunization. Exception to the immunization requirement is made only if a medical reason is documented by a physician, physician assistant, or nurse practitioner, or for valid religious objections.