November Charity of the Month- Mater Filius

Mater Filius, NE:  Mater Filius, NE, is a Catholic, non-profit maternity home that serves women and their children. We are located at the corner of South 36th and Y St. next to Sts. Peter and Paul Church. The mission of Mater Filius is to safeguard the life of the unborn child and defend the dignity of the child’s mother. We have two requirements for a woman to enter Mater Filius: She must be pregnant, and she

must be open to change.


Upon entering Mater Filius, our directors work with each mom to plan her individual path to self-reliance. Some women choose to work full-time while others choose to finish their GED or attend school. Moms participate in workshops offered inside our home that include: parenting skills, relationship building, Bible Study, dignity of the woman, group counseling and financial planning.

Moms may enter anytime during their pregnancy and stay until their babies are eight months old. They may bring in other children with them if they are under the age of five. When their babies are six weeks old, they may enter our Early Childhood Learning Center located inside Mater Filius. Even after the moms transition out, their babies may return to our ECLC until they are ready for preschool. We do not charge the moms for this service because this is where we see the generational change begin to happen. This is priceless!

To learn more about Mater Filius, NE, please visit our website at : or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Thank you for your donations in the November Charity of the Month envelope. . 

Our community thanks you and appreciates you!

The Human Needs Committee