September: KVSS, Jail Ministry, Mass For the Shut-Ins

September’s Charity Any donations received in the Charity of the Month envelopes this month will be divided between KVSS, Jail Ministry and Mass for the Shut-Ins. KVSS: Spirit Catholic Radio can be found on FM 102.7. They strive to bring Christ to the people and people to Christ. This radio ministry depends upon the guidance of the Holy Spirit and the generosity of the faithful throughout Nebraska and western Iowa to bring this work to complete realization. Thank you for your generosity. Mass for the Shut-Ins: Those who are homebound or sick and cannot attend Mass on Sundays have the opportunity of participating in the Sunday Mass one of two ways. The Mass for the Shut-Ins can be viewed at 10:30 AM on Sundays on WOWT, Channel 6 or Mass may be listened to at noon on Sundays on KVSS 102.7 FM. WOWT Channel 6 has been airing the Mass for over 50 yrs. It was started in February, 1964. You may also listen to the Mass on the weekdays at 9:30 AM on KVSS 102.7 FM. Your donation helps with the cost of making Mass available for the sick and homebound. Thank you for your donation. Jail Ministry: Many inmates reflect on their lives and choices they have made. God has a way of touching those who are open to His message. Your donations will be used to provide spiritual booklets, calendars and prayer cards as a source of encouragement to the inmates. On behalf of those who are incarcerated, we thank you for your help. Thank You for your generosity! The Human Needs Committee