Liturgy Ministry

Director: Cindy Brown: 402-330- 1518 Ext: 2210 | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Administrative Assistant: Pam Lunbeck: 402-330- 1518 Ext: 2230

Liturgy Committee Member: Assist the Liturgy Office with activities relating to liturgy.
Meetings: Monthly, as needed

About Liturgical Ministry

The Sunday liturgy brings the hope of resurrection into our lives. It is where Jesus reaches out and touches us. No matter what sorrow or pain we may be struggling with, no matter how difficult we may find life or how overwhelmed we may be, the Eucharistic presence of the Risen Christ can touch us profoundly and intimately.

This is the gift and teaching of the Catholic faith. That Jesus Christ is present to us during Mass through God’s word proclaimed in Sacred Scripture, through His people assembled to worship, in the priest who presides and, most uniquely, in the Eucharist we share — Christ’s body, blood, soul and divinity. Jesus showers us with graces and blessings at Mass, which brings healing to our bodies as well as our souls.

The gift and mystery of the Eucharist is that Jesus thirsts for our love and nourishes us with Himself so that we can go out and feed a world starving for the love of Christ.

Take part in the Liturgical Ministry.

St. Wenceslaus relies on our parishioner volunteers to bring about the prayerful celebration of the liturgy. Those who serve in the liturgical ministries of our Church come from the gathered faithful to minister to and with them. Liturgical ministers are men, women, young adults, high school youth and children.


Set up and prepare for liturgies...

Assist the priest in setting up and preparing for liturgies on the weekends and holy days. Also assists with cleanup after Mass. Those who volunteer for this ministry must already be ministering in the parish as an EMHC or lecor.
Meetings: As needed

Becoming Catholic - Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults

Participate in weekly class sessions while seeking to become a member of the Catholic Church or serving as a sponsor.
Meetings: Weekly classes held on Wednesday evenings

Server Alb Caretaker

Inspect, mend and launder server albs. Approximately every 6 weeks.
Meetings: None

Minister of Hospitality

Men, women, junior and senior high school youth and families are scheduled approximately once a month for the weekly Mass of their choice to assist with greeting, seating, taking up the collection, directing the communion procession, handling out bulletins and straightening up church after Mass.
Meetings: As needed


Proclaim scripture at weekend and holy day liturgies. Archdiocesan and parish training required, which is
offered once a year around August & September respectively.
Meetings: Scheduled approximately every 6 weeks.

Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion (EMHC)

Assist with distribution of Communion at weekend and holy day liturgies. Archdiocesan and parish training required, which is available once a year around August and September respectively.
Meetings: Scheduled every 3 to 4 weeks.

Art/Environment (decorating, sewing)

Help with decorating the environment in the church and foyer. Also sewing banners and altar linens as needed.
Meetings: As needed

Altar Server

Open to boys and girls 7th grade and older. The primary training for altar servers is held in September/October each year; however, new servers are welcome and will be trained at any time during the year.
Meetings: 1 large group and 1 small group training meeting

Altar Linen Caretaker

Collect dirty linen from the sacristy on Monday, wash, iron and return by Friday.
Meetings: As needed