Greetings everyone,

May your Holy Week experiences lead to a Blessed Easter.

Here are the Pro-Life updates from our meeting.  Lots going on with Pro-Life.

1.      Younkers Community Booklet report – We turned in 225 booklets sold, earning us a total of $1,125.  Our best total, and besides we just heard we will receive a bonus check for $301.52, a split of the profits for the event.

2.     Art Contest winners – The 4 winners will be announced in the bulletin soon.  They will receive a $10 gift card from Walmart and their artwork will be made into prayer cards to be handed out on Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and the beginning of Spiritual adoption.  Congratulations!

3.     Pro-Life Living Rosary at St. Leo’s on March 18 – 3 people represented our parish to pray for the end of abortion.

4.     40 Days for Life on March 20th – Thanks to the 20 people who signed up to pray at Planned Parenthood and the 26 who signed up to pray in the Adoration chapel.  Every prayer counts.

5.     Pat Castle spoke at St. Matthew’s on March 20 for Life Runners – no report available.

6.     EPS Baby Shower till March 27th - Please be generous with baby items.  Thanks goes out to Matt Smith who secured and set up the crib for us, and many thanks to John and Pat Christopherson for taking all items to EPS.

7.     Signatures for State Senators to pass the budget and stop funding Planned Parenthood in the state of Nebraska – 710 signatures in the foyer and 73 were sent in on line.  Many thanks for all the volunteers who helped make this a successful activity.  If you didn’t get a chance to let your state senator know, it is not too late to contact them and ask them to vote for the budget with the Pro-Life language to stop funding organizations that do abortions.

8.     Pro-Life Essay Contest ends Sunday, March 25th – They will be read and winners will be announced later,

9.     Little Feet for Confirmation -They are being purchased from Nebraskans United for Life and will be given to 8th graders for Confirmation Day.

10.   Pro-Life license plate – I have one.  Start by going on line to the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) for the state of Nebraska to select the type of plate you want to buy.  You will need your credit card to make the purchase. I selected the generic one that costs $8.  It will take 6 – 8 weeks for the new plates to be made. The DMV will notify you as to when to call them to let them know what station you want your plates sent for you to pick them up.  You take in your old plates for the new ones.  The exchange of plates cost me $12.

11. Stations of the Cross will be said on Good Friday at noon at Planned Parenthood at 3105 North 93rd St. and at Carhart’s clinic at 1001 Mission Ave in Bellevue.  Great time to remember the crucified Christ and those dying in the abortion mills.  Do you need a ride?

12. Mother’s Day Ad in the Omaha World Herald – Nebraskans United for Life will be purchasing a page ad to support Life.  You can add your name, or honor your mother, or honor mothers who have died.  The cost is $20 per line and you will find the form in the church bulletin in a few weeks.

13. Omaha Health Expo -  Do youth need service hours?  Nebraskans United for Life will have a booth at the expo at the Baxter Arena, 67th and Center, on Sat./Sun. April 7 and 8th.  They are looking for volunteers to help pass out literature to the 8,000 to 10,000 people who attend this free event and free parking.  Call Anne Marie at 402-399-0299.

14.  Physician-Assisted suicide – This topic has been in the news and there has been some meetings in Hastings, Columbus and Lincoln already.  If you see any news articles, or know of any meetings, please let me know. We need to be on top of this.


Thanks for reading all the way to the bottom.  If you have any questions, let me know – 402-330-7153.


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